26 Weeks, I finally know your weight baby!

Being a first time mother is really about being a little blur about everything, so it never occurred to me to ask the gynae what Little Foot’s weight and size is.

I only realised that I’m missing out on measuring her growth progress when I saw the other mummies posting in on our facebook group.

So today, I asked the gynae (rather persistently in fact), how big is baby-nim now, and we have an answer – Little Foot is about 900grams! Looks like our little girl is progressing very well. In fact, she’s turned upside down and in position already :)) Caught a glimpse of her face on screen today. Silly little girl was rolling around too much to see clearly, but I’m glad all is going well and she’s being a normal active baby.

The only downside is my sugar/glucose level seems to be too high again, so I’ll be down for the yucky glucose test in Oct. Not looking forward to it, but let’s just stay positive for now.