Baby steps

Gotta record this…

I FINALLY witnessed Little Foot take a couple of steps without holding onto anything.

I know she’s been doing it since last week, but refused to show me. Until today.

A lot of mixed feelings at this juncture. So proud of you, yet so sad to be reminded of how fast you are waving goodbye to babyhood.

I still remember your tummy times…


I still remember your first swim…


I still remember your “planking” days…


I still remember you practicing so hard just to roll over…


I still remember how you finally could crawl and get yourself to a sitting position.


I still remember you trying your hardest to leopard crawl across the playmat after much encouragement.


I still remember the days you couldn’t stand and we made you look like you could…


And I still remember the days when you were practicing how to stay up in a sitting position…


All these all so fresh and vivid in my mind.
Yet, 15 months and 10 days have flown by just like this… as your baby steps gets more, I feel a little fearful…

How long can I keep you safe beside me?







And to mark a relatively good evening with Little Foot, shortly after I got home from work, she had pulled the Kinderpack and insisted on being carried by me for awhile.


She also did a couple of laps in the corridor in her walker.

I know her time in the walker will be ending soon… and I treasure every moment I can see her in it.


Throwback to a couple of months ago

Need to remind myself, this is how motherhood is. Enjoy every moment and every milestone. We are making memories at every instance.

I’m happy I have been with her for so many milestones…looking back, I can’t help but let my tears roll… we made it this far, and it’s amazing how my Little Foot has blossomed.



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2 weeks of flu, cough and flying tempers

Haven’t had much energy to update recently. 

Little Foot is down with flu and cough 3 days after we returned from Taiwan. So yes, almost 2 weeks and still fighting the bug.


Imagine how grumpy she is.

I’m also coughing my head off with the same bug. Tired, but sorry, mummy don’t get to sleep well if baby is not well.

So far we have had about 5 changes of bedsheets. She would sleep soundly, then cough in her sleep and vomit. Sometimes she would puke on me too. So heart pain whenever it happens.

Over the weekend she was especially grumpy. Kept throwing herself backwards to kick up a fuss.  Even kicked me in the tummy to get out of the Tula at one point. Again, heart broken. 

I lost my temper a few times too. Guilty, but I’m also human. The exhaustion really made me quite down and kee siao.

Let’s hope the bug goes away soon. Stay at home with baby stint is coming again soon at the end of the month. I want my cheeky baby back in the pink of health, then we can go out to play!


15 months…. of milestones

Little Foot is 15 months today.

Wow… really, where has all the time gone by?

Every month on this day, I ask myself the same question.

Being a working mother is tough emotionally. Same for the working father.  We go through each day trying to run home as early as possible, just to catch that short window of time before baby falls asleep. And you hope in that short 1 to 2 hours before bedtime, she will suddenly crawl, nod head, clap or walk for the first time. It’s heart wrenching when I am informed that she has crawled or taken a step on her own.
At least I can faithfully celebrate every month-niversary. Today we went for a playdate.  I think she had fun 🙂


15 months…

♡ Little Foot is more steadily standing and walking assisted. Still not quite ready to let go and walk on her own.
♡ Has 7 teeth (the 8th coming out)
♡Recently developed a bad habit of having meltdowns (terrible two starts early?)
♡ Had tried so many different types of food because of our Taiwan trip.

Some things remains the same…

♡ She still needs to be rocked to sleep in carrier for her naps
♡ Still needs to nurse to sleep at night
♡ Still doesn’t seep through the night
♡ Still encounters constipation / hard stools frequently
♡ Still a biscuit and puffs monster
♡ Still a fan of tetrapaks and straws

15 months on, and I am still a breastfeeding mummy… some days I think of stopping, but watching your restless sleeps, I can’t bear to. Don’t worry, mummy’s  not in a hurry. Be my baby a little longer ok?

Love you lots, my silly kissy baby. I continue to pray that you will always sing your own tune in life, and not feel pressured by your surroundings to conform. I know every milestone,  you are going at your own pace, take your time, baby,  the road ahead is long!

15 months together has been a road filled with self – discovery, laughter and tears… and that’s what makes this journey meaningful and memorable.

I look forward to being here for you for many many more months and years ahead… making memories together.

Hope your flu that is making you grumpy goes away soon!


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Crazy things we do for our bubs

Last evening, Little Foot went to sleep around her normal bedtime. I fell asleep with her, then  got up before midnight to shower and intended to tackle some work that I brought home.

I never even got to take the laptop out of my bag.

Around midnight, she suddenly woke up and cried inconsolably.  Refused to latch, didn’t want to be rocked,  kicked me when I put her in the Tula. We carried her all over the house trying many ways to get her to stop. Entire house woke from the mayhem. I left her with Papa who was also trying in futile to make her stop crying.  Finally I walked out, carried her and brought her to the fridge to choose a packet drink and gave her an extra straw.

Then the sobbing stopped. And she proceeded to watch a YouTube video of bedtime songs (I know, don’t judge me if you are in the “anti-videos and TV for children” camp), while playing with the packet drink and straw.

Ok. We were relieved.  Then after awhile (15 to 20 mins?), she pointed in the direction of our walk-in wardrobe walk – in and started bawling again.

Trust me, Papa Long and I had this “wtf?!” moment. So creepy can?!

And then we start all over again.

Bring her to living room, turn on aircon there, let her play with the whole packet of straws (its all gone…gotta go Daiso buy more). Watch more videos. By then Papa and I were so stoned.

She calmed down and I carried her back to the room.


*pulls hair*

Finally I said “ok, we go gai gai, we go gai gai”. Strapped her in a Tula wearing my Paul Frank print night dress. Then papa and I went to patrol our entire estate with Little Foot holding 4 straws in Tula. At about 2.30am. What a sight we must have looked!

Eventually she was a little sleepy finally and we went back up and I finally managed to get her to lie down and nursed to sleep.



Woke up at 7.30 am this morning to see her peaceful face. While I rushed to get my work done and get to office.

I’m glad I’m alive.

Luckily she looks so cute even in her sleep.


I’m sure years down the road, this will be a good story to tell her.


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