Lots of giggles and chuckles on our last day


DAY 331.

5 days shy of Little Foot turning 11 months young.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity, we went out and played the day away.


Thanks to a few of my fellow Dec mummy friends. We went to Giggles at Marine Parade and had loads of fun.

Little Foot always loved a good swing,  so she was completely happy to sit in the swing for a loooong time. And slides, and things to bite, touch, pull and throw. Awesome! And she no longer fears the ball pool.  Yay!

There was more playtime at her grandparents’ place in the evening. It’s amazing how one rainbow coloured big bouncing ball could keep her clapping and chuckling and occupied for quite awhile 🙂

Tired Little Foot is finally asleep after we got home and showered her.

Tomorrow is a brand new beginning as we adjust to life away from each other in the day.

I’m getting a grip on my thoughts and emotions. May absence make our hearts fonder!

Thank you my friends for making my last day as a SAHM a memorable one. XOXO!

And now, to pack my bag for tomorrow. #feelingbleargh

Another first…. bearing my belly!

We all know what an old skool person I am… plus I always deem myself too “manly” to do girly things.

Still, as we draw nearer to the EDD date, I was starting to feel a little regretful that we didn’t do a proper preggie photoshoot. After all, if Little Foot will be our only baby, then I won’t ever go through this phase again. So when a group of the mummies on the Facebook group organised a photoshoot (I’d missed a few earlier chances), I thought, I might as well be a sport and join in.

Yes, the old me would have said “No way! this is too cheesy!” but cheesy is always ok for mummies, or so I think. Hah, a chance to do whatever rocks my socks.

The girls were really quick to to get this whole gig together – from getting the group together, sourcing for the props to deciding venue – everything was sorted out really quickly, and cheaply (think Daiso Xmas hats and decor and tube tops from Bugis village).

The shoot was on Sunday bright and early. All us preggers gathered in red dresses. Long was really kind to drive me there and brought along our new GX7 and a couple of lenses to try the camera out.

Here’s a few shots from the GX7. Not bad Daddy, for a first timer!

All dressed up like a present, with a tag carrying Little Foot’s EDD date. I loved this concept!


A heartfelt moment, because I can’t wait to hug her close to me…


Bearing my bump in public! 


Positioning ourselves for the “heart” shot, and getting it purrrfect!

 P1040894 P1040897

A heart on the tummy… because I love you so…


Posing before “Noah’s Ark” MBS, mummies can do yoga poses too!

P1040948 P1040970

P1040996 P1040997

And a final parting photo before we called it a wrap… exhausting but happy outing


Made friends with 11 mummies with Dec EDD dates… some were so much younger than me, some were having their 2nd or 3rd kid, and one was carrying a pair of twin boys.

Life can be full of adventures when you step out of your comfort zone and say YOLO!

Welcome to my ever-evolving world of motherhood.

As I write this, I’m 35 weeks and 4 days into the pregnancy. Any time soon, Little Foot will be ready to wave hello. I’m feeling excited, panicky, worried and euphoric all at the same time, and now, I have 11 friends to share these feelings with 🙂

What a blessing!