#10 Weeks – On colic, tears, milk and most of all, love

Today, my baby is 10 weeks old. Yes, 70 ripe days old.

It’s been 70 days since we checked in to KKH and started the whole process of bringing her out into this world. As the days went by, all the memories of my not-so-pain labour is starting to feel like a past life.

Shortly after her party, Little Foot started having bad tummy aches. She’d cry so fiercely at certain pockets of the day, her tummy was bloated… it was a repeated cycle, and she didn’t sleep well at night.

Trying times…

We found ourselves sitting and carrying her to sleep on our chest for hours on end. Yes, the husband is really resilient… he does it AND still goes to work.

We celebrated every fart and poopoo sessions of hers, and we tried our best to assist when that didn’t happen.

Baby massage, Ruyi Oil, doing “cycling” with her legs, wearing tummy binders, examining my diet and eliminating the suspects, changing milk bottles, changing formula milk, seeing 2 PDs… you name it, we’ve done it.

So to all those with the oh-so-wise suggestions, don’t tell me that I should try this and that. My inner voice is screaming, “Dammit! I’ve done it and more, so just leave us alone already!”. Oh yes, people like to point out the obvious. Yes, I know my baby has phlegm. I am not deaf, thank you. Would you believe I even sounded like a hysterical mad woman telling the PD that people outside are ALL telling me my daughter has phlegm and is seriously having trouble breathing? Obviously the judging look that followed from the PD thereafter shut me up.

It’s colic and maybe coupled with reflux. The soundest and most honest advice from our PDs is to “ride it out”.

Today, we still battle with this colic situation, but maybe we’re more in control of our emotions. Or at least I am trying. Papa Long has always been a cool cucumber. He just has to help me control my emotions on bad days.

Today, Little Foot still doesn’t want to lie down to sleep… So we’ve let her sleep in our bed.

I’ve somehow found a way to breastfeed her fully this week, partly due to having no help for the week and there was simply no time to pump for 35 mins 3 hourly, and then wash and sterilise bottles.

I’ve also discovered the world of carriers and wraps. Some of the soundest sleeps I’ve seen her take is in the stretchy wrap and the Baby K’tan carriers. She takes to the Boba 4G too, ready to sit in it and falls asleep in it in a short span of time.

Baby, I can’t cure you, but the world of carriers and wraps have allowed me to alleviate that pain somewhat, and help you get some of those much needed sleep. I’ve also decided to throw all those “you need to let her self-soothe” advice out of the window. I’d carry you till my arms break if it means you stop being in pain.

We’ll ride this out together, and I will really continue to pray very hard that this whole colic episode will go away soon.

The deepest hurt is seeing the one you love in pain. We’ve cried a lot together over this… but I have to be strong for you.

It’s been a trying period, but nevertheless, Happy 10 weeks my Little Foot. I can’t find the right words to express how much I love you and am thankful that you came into my life.

Get well soon, baby.


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