Six Months Young!

Our Little Foot turned 6 months old on Saturday. I said I would mark the day with something special for her, and I think it wasn’t too much of a flop despite almost no planning… Our mini party of three started only after we attended my cousin’s baby’s full month party.


Dressed up to the nine for the day to attend baby cousin’s party

We got a swiss roll from the famous Rich & Good cake shop at Kandahar Street and I as you can see, the decorations were a mish-mash of animal toothpicks from Daiso, together with things I had painted (no time to rubber stamp and paint these days, these were found from my scrapbooking cupboard, painted when I was pregnant).

20150606_190543 IMG-20150606-WA0053 IMG-20150606-WA0040

Little Foot seemed to liked the milestone card a lot more than the cake though 😛

So now we have reached 6 months, I can officially heave a sigh of relief… anytime now, if my supply dwindles, I can at least pat myself on the back and tell myself “Well done, I’ve made it this far”.

Over the past month, she’s grown more, started to blabber, flipped over (now she routinely does her roti prata moves), and has made several futile attempts to crawl. Not stable with sitting up yet, but she can sit and stand on the sofa with something propping her. And boy, has she got a temper, our feisty little girl!

Oh yes, and she also made her first overseas trip. We brought her to Hong Kong for Disneyland.

One week shy of six months, I decided to start her weaning process. So she’s had a week of organic rice cereal (1/2 tbsp with 20ml ebm), and has tasted pureed organic carrots (also mixed with ebm).So far, so good, no allergies, except that she does seem a tad bloated (although not as bad as when she was a newborn and taking formula milk). So now with food in the picture, I can be assured that she won’t starve. Still holding back on giving formula milk, although my MIL has been routinely asking us whether she has started milk powder. It is really hard explaining to the older generation that bm is better, so I just kind of stopped trying. It seems that they have this disdain about latching, and unnecessary fear that the baby would latch for many years to come. I’m not anti milk powder, just that the thought of reliving the nightmare makes me want to delay that as much as possible.

All these progress and milestones are taking place before my eyes day after day, and I’m still filled with wonder…. this not-so-tiny girl came out from my tummy! I catch myself looking at her newborn photos and videos a lot, reminding myself how far we have come over the past six months. Lots of laughter, tears, sweat, milk and loss of sleep… how we made it this far, I’m pretty stunned myself.

Thank you Little Foot for everything…

… for unbreaking my heart when you decided to directly nurse again at 40 days old after pushing me away at week #1

… for the toothless smiles you throw my way all the time

… for always searching for my face in the room, wherever you are, whoever’s arms you are in

… for learning to flip first on your left, because that’s the side you will find me at night

… for always wanting to hold my hand while you nurse

… for all the check-to-cheek, kisses and hugs you give me from the moment you open your eyes

… for the saliva-covered hands that sayangs my face each day

… for forgiving me quickly each time I cleaned your nose, or made you uncomfortable

… and so much more that you have given me, just purely by existing.

Happy 6 Months Young my love! Years later, I hope I will still be able to remember your baby sounds and baby face… your baby smell and your baby smiles…even your baby tantrums. By then, you may already have let go of my hands and be holding on to your own Little Foot’s hands. I can only imagine… 🙂


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