Seriously tickled

Gotta blog this moment that took place tonight!

People always talk about how babies are like sponges and they learn soooo fast. Ok, really no kidding.

Tonight, Little Foot gave me a taste of my own medicine.  We’ve been making fart sounds on her tummy, back and neck to make her giggle since she was a small little bundle. She gave it all back to me tonight.

Tonight, while trying to make her sleep (latching), she decided to worm around the bed and flip here and there. The next thing I knew, she started sucking on my tummy. Tickled me so bad, I squirmed, wriggled and laughed, and the little cheeky rascal found it so funny she giggled really hard and laughed out loud! This went on for about 5 to 10 minutes. Mummy and baby kept laughing and giggling. She kept pouncing on me and make “zhuut zhuut” sounds on my tummy… I laughed and wriggled, she laughed and giggled too.

Funny how this little one gets tickled by the strangest things –previously she laughed whenever I pretended to vomit/spew blood or choke.

What a happy way to end our week 🙂

It was a really trying week to be honest. She’s shifting her nap patterns again, was extra grumpy the whole week (I really hope it’s really a sign of her teeth coming out). Fussy baby doesn’t want to be in carrier or exersaucer, would have moments where she refuse to sit, lie down, stand and be carried (exasperation!)

I lost patience a couple of times this week, especially that day when she clawed my face and broke skin,  and yesterday, when I couldn’t order dinner after 1 hour of trying while struggling with a wormy whiny Little Foot. I was tired. I wanted to lie down and rest too, but rest is not granted if you are the mummy.

So, to see her laugh so happily tonight is really a relief and a nice change of mood.  I really loved and enjoyed that happy moment between us…. definitely a fond memory to keep!

Keep calm and giggle on baby, life is too short to keep frowning, whining and crying.


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