A Winter ONEderland celebration!

What a day it was yesterday!

In the dead town of the CBD area on a Saturday (seriously,  it’s so different from the weekday hustle bustle), something exciting was brewing on the 8th floor of One Marina Boulevard. We gotta thank our fellow mummy organisers for pulling this gig off!

About 90 babies, their mummies, daddies, siblings, some grandmas and helpers gathered for a very special party aptly themed “Winter ONEderland”.

It’s our December 2014 babies One Year Young mega bash! The party was scheduled ahead of December so it wouldn’t clash with our individual parties.

We set off bright and early, but only managed to arrive on time (after getting a little lost downtown), collected our goodie bag and went to explore the toy zone and photobooths.

Didn’t capture much of the toy zone as my hands were full making sure Little Foot didn’t topple off the bouncy horses or fall headlong down the mini slide into the ball pool, but she enjoyed her short play for sure.

Here’s our fellow Panda babies enjoying themselves (taken by Huiyuu)


A Major highlight was the photo booths.

Awesome setup by Phooth to suit our theme. (Photo By Papa Long)


We also loved the pink DIY booth by our fellow mummies.


Phooth also sponsored a large setup for instant photo prints. We didn’t manage to get a family shot in time as Little Foot fell asleep, but we got something more special — a Panda Mummies group shot!


I spent a lot of time catching up with mummies whom I haven’t seen since Little Foot was about 4 mths old or even younger. We had all these playdates before many went back to work after the 4 mths maternity leave ran out… I missed them  a lot. It was a rather emotional gathering for me too as I see how everyone’s little ones had sprouted.  No longer fragile looking, there was a lot of laughter and mayhem with the little ones crawling everywhere and some had already started walking!  Here’s us with one of the dear friends I missed.


Another interesting sponsor was the freshly pressed juices from juiC… just nice,  I was thirsty after chatting with so many mummies, the juice samples were refreshing. You know me and fruits are not really friends, but the concoctions were really quite good!

Of course…what is a party without cakes and a dessert table right? (Giant cake kindly sponsored by Prudential. I heard it was just nice and not too sweet).

By the way, the super animated Penguin mascot was one of the Daddies in disguise!

Admidst all the madness, my closest friends, the Panda mummies, tried to get a decent shot of our babies… a little tricky! By the time we were done, I was sweating like mad!

And then we went back for the mega photo session. Imagine the chaos!

Post party, Little Foot simply couldn’t wind down for the evening. Too much adrenaline! We had her camp out in her cot and do shuttle runs up and down our tiny corridor in her walker to burn off her energy.

Thank you sponsors and organisers for the party and the memories… till our next party!


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