Eh eh eh!

I wonder how work-from-home mummies do it.

My first time bringing my laptop home this weekend. Woke up to realise I have to quickly respond to work this morning.

Ran for Little Foot’s music class. (Baby K joined us today!)


Had lunch, went to City Square to buy a present for the baby party we are invited to tomorrow, bought a toy to add on to my preps for Little Foot’s Big O-N-E party.

Got home… sent her off to the playground with Aunty Lily so I could work on those darn slides which we have been cracking our head over.

She came home, took her dinner, showered…. and mummy was still at it. In Papa Long’s words “She finish playing everything liao…” and mummy was still staring at the laptop. So she proceeded to insist on being in the same room and “eh eh eh!” non-stop and trying to get her hands on me.


Felt like I was being guilt-tripped, but I pressed on and finished it up before I picked her up and let her glue herself to me.

I doubt I will ask to telecommute. It’s just too taxing on my willpower.




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