Revisiting Torticollis


Chanced upon this article in a Mother & Baby magazine I picked up while waiting for my turn at the doctor.

Brings back memories… 

This was the reason I took time off to stay home with her. Little Foot was born with this condition.


Little Foot at 3 Days Old, started her physio journey by sleeping on pillow on her left. 

The mother in the article spoke about how trying it was to do the stretching exercises.

I know.

A fragile newborn crying while everyone looks on in horror thinking the mama’s gonna break baby’s neck… most times I caved in too and stop the exercises. Thankfully,  I found my routine and made it a fun session for her… singing “it’s a small world” while we stretched, and added a lot of neck and tummy kisses while we stretched. 

Well, today Little Foot has extremely good posture and a balanced head (although we tilt the charts on head size!).


Take that Torticollis!

Makes me feel a great sense of achievement as I really did the exercises diligently (and still occasionally do them).

So here is our success story. And we thank the nice physiotherapists and Dr Frances Chia at KKH for journeying with us to fix this.


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