Revisiting our walks together


As I walked out of the office building to the nearby shopping mall to meet a couple of mummy friends for lunch, I spotted a pregnant lady from afar. 

I’m reminded of the times walking up and down this same stretch daily with Little Foot nesting inside me.

I’m reminded of those conversations I would have with her. “Baby-nim, you ok? It’s a really hot day yah?” … mundane conversations like that.

Life was simple then. Just a lot of looking forward to her arrival… watching my diet (towards the end), checking and re-checking if we’ve bought all the stuff we need for her arrival. Simple happiness.


At 36 weeks pregnant…

Life has changed so much since her arrival. One year on, I walk the same stretch, reminiscing the feeling of that simple happiness, feeling different. Today, happiness comes in the form of her flappy arms and cheeky grin when she sees me.. happiness also comes in the form of seeing her well and full of appetite. Happiness is feeling accomplished when she likes a baby biscuit that I’ve bought.

She’s had a fever since last night. I hope it goes away soon. That would lighten my footsteps as I walk that same stretch. I miss keeping her safe in my tummy. Those days were so much simpler really.

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