The Little Girl at the lift landing

It has been a habit of hers shortly after I started working again.

In the evenings, as if prompted by some invisible clock in her, Little Foot would make enough noise to get our helper to carry her to the corridor outside and stick around at the lift landing. They would stare at the numbers changing as the lifts moved, and look in anticipation whenever the lift door opened. To see if it was me.

I gotta say, this is one of the most amazing things to come home to after a long day – to see Little Foot’s face light up like a megawatt Christmas tree when my lift reaches our floor and the door opens.

I never thought anyone could miss me this much.

I never imagined anyone could love me so much.

And I much less could understand how much joy and warmth something so simple could bring to my very heart and soul.

Thank you my dear Little Foot.

One day in the near future, you won’t bother to be there at the lift landing when I come back in the evenings…. so for now, I wanna lock in that bright smile of yours into my memory vault. So when the day comes, I know I was blessed to experience this, because your smile washes all my tiredness, pain, anguish, sadness all away.

Your smile gives me a sense of purpose and a lot of courage for anything that comes my way.


And one day, maybe it would be your turn too, to experience such a simple yet profound love, when you become a mama yourself.

Mummy is going to smile in my dreams 🙂


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