2 weeks of flu, cough and flying tempers

Haven’t had much energy to update recently. 

Little Foot is down with flu and cough 3 days after we returned from Taiwan. So yes, almost 2 weeks and still fighting the bug.


Imagine how grumpy she is.

I’m also coughing my head off with the same bug. Tired, but sorry, mummy don’t get to sleep well if baby is not well.

So far we have had about 5 changes of bedsheets. She would sleep soundly, then cough in her sleep and vomit. Sometimes she would puke on me too. So heart pain whenever it happens.

Over the weekend she was especially grumpy. Kept throwing herself backwards to kick up a fuss.  Even kicked me in the tummy to get out of the Tula at one point. Again, heart broken. 

I lost my temper a few times too. Guilty, but I’m also human. The exhaustion really made me quite down and kee siao.

Let’s hope the bug goes away soon. Stay at home with baby stint is coming again soon at the end of the month. I want my cheeky baby back in the pink of health, then we can go out to play!


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