Eve of school…

Last day before Little Foot goes to school. 

Last day of morning trips to the playground with the swing for her.

Last day of carefree life.

By chance, I had time to have a lunch date with her today.


Mummy having mixed feelings. Are we ready for school? Her gear are almost all ready, but my heart isn’t.

I look at the little baby self-feeding sushi to herself and I feel like my heart is so heavy and I’m about to burst into a puddle.


Little Foot doesn’t seem to know what is coming although I have repeatedly told her that she’s going to school.

School is too abstract a concept for her.

I hope I don’t get all cold feet and pull her out of school tomorrow. Really need to psych myself.

On a happier note, we had fun at lunch. She really ate a lot – rice salmon, chawanmushi and tamago. All the things she liked. It reminds me of my first week back at work, when helper brought her to meet me for lunch. We also ate Japanese food. 

Before kissing goodbye (Yes,  she’s more amenable to kissing me these days!) She managed to make me buy 2 balloons for her. 1 is not enough for our “babom” lover ☺ oh my dearest Baby, seeing your joy today makes it even harder for me to pack you off to school…


Let’s be brave. Mummy love you.


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