What a happy day!

Today, Little Foot must have woken up on the right side of the bed. The little lady was in an exceptional mood… lots of smiles, and a lot less tantrums than on a normal day ( mind you, we are already in Terrible Two stage!)
Usually Sundays,  she would manage to make me throw away her home cooked lunch and get to snack on the adults’ meals, but today she had a wildly fun time getting pasta sauce all over her face!

Strawberry milk and cornflakes for a snack 🙂

Everything tastes better when you dip in your ten little fingers! 

And the happy mood continued to our cafe lunch session at Valley Point… she was super happy to go see the dogs waiting to be groomed at Pet Lovers’ Centre in the building. 

More happy moments at a playground in Bukit Panjang. Today we visited two playgrounds in the zone!

And finally, playing with toys at her grandparents’ place. 

Glad you had a good day today my Little Foot… may we have more such happy days ahead! 

On such days, everything feels right. It’s really a nice kind of feeling!


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