“Foon” -Little Foot’s new word

​Little Foot is expanding her vocabulary  very fast these days and getting better at trying to pronounce words which I would tell her whenever she asks me “Ah Kis?” (What’s this). 

Her new vocabulary of the day – “foon”. 

Actual word – “phone”. 

Afternoon when she woke up from nap, she was extra sticky to me. She hadn’t seen me since Friday morning as I was caught up with working late Friday night and then left early Saturday morning for a work event.  

She wanted to watch YouTube while she lazed awhile more, so I indulged her as we chilled around the mattress beside the bed watching her favourite Muffins Song clip. 

Then the app hung on the Samsung Tablet… I passed it to Papa who was on the bed to fix. 

“E’s foon! E’s foon!”…. referring to herself.  And her face started to screw up into a epic sad face and tears welled up. 

So I said “ok ok… use mummy’s phone”. And she said lightened up and said “mummy’s foon… mummy’s foon…” but still wanted the Tab back. So I said ok ” trade with Papa.  You take papa’s phone” (buying us time while YouTube was updating). 

“Papa’s foon….Papa’s foon!”

It’s so cute the way she pronounces the word. I try to say it the right way to her although I’m also tempted to call it a foon now. Lolz 

Oh baby, you really are growing up so fast! Now you even identify things that are yours and stake your claim on them! 


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