A beach holiday with Little Foot

We just got back this week from Phuket Thailand. One of those last minute trips we booked because there’s Jetstar Promo. 

It was Little Foot’s first beach holiday trip 🙂

Travelling with Little Foot makes packing twice as complicated and of course, the luggage tripled! 

Still, being a 23mo toddler, we were rather brave and didn’t bring any food preparation items (unless you count the food scissors which we checked in but never used anyway). 

The hurdle for me is always the IDEA of travelling with her. All the “what ifs” and contingency packing…  medicines, snack supplies, milk. Throughout the packing, I’d toy with the idea of going for the trip without her, but would throw out the idea each time. 

However when we did get down to it, somehow it always ends up a good trip (this is our third trip afterall!). 

So here’s what travelling with a nearly 2-year-old is like:


We were brave (maybe foolishly). She had fever the night  before our flight and we still went ahead….carrying a lot of medicines and bringing the thermometer and koolfever with us. And plastic bags to deal with vomiting because she was having flu and cough.  

So Little Foot basically slept through the flight out (slight vomit before take off), and slept the 1st day away in the Resort. Brought her bear pillow and Tula blanket so the place felt like home.

The next day we went to the beach. Little Foot’s first time building sandcastles (apparently it’s Papa Long’s first time too!). But she still refused to walk on the sand. 

She also wouldn’t just chill and sleep on our picnic mat. So there was this strange sight of Mummy with Kinderpack laying on the mat. That is, after I’d rock her to sleep on the beach. Doing this among the bikini-clad mamas made me feel sort of an oddball. Nevermind, I enjoyed my Coconut drink. 

Food in Thailand is not too far off from our food, except with many more spicy dishes.  Little Foot didn’t have much appetite the whole trip, the flu was probably bugging her. And she didn’t like the rice much. So she mostly drank milk, ate baby seaweed  (she’s addicted to it), had some baby biscuits and ate random morsels from our dishes – club sandwich, Thai style kway teow, fried rice, fries and chicken tenders, some bread.

We also spent some time at Jungceylon, the mall at Patong Beach on the 2nd and 4th day. Loved shopping at Boots and Big C! And Emma rode her first Tuktuk. 

What’s a holiday without a swim right? We managed to get a short 10-min bob around the pool the morning before we checked out. 

And so that about it…Little Foot’s last chance to fly as an infant on my lap before her 2nd Birthday. 

What a different kind of beach holiday…. it used to be suntanning, snorkeling, kayaking, reading by the poolside or by the beach. For now, we can do very little, and the trip involved a lot of singing songs and YouTube videos, but it was still a good getaway for us, to recharge and to spend time together. 

Looking back, I do think it’s a good thing to remind ourselves to “just do it” whenever the unknown looks daunting.  It would have been a sad holiday for me if Little Foot was left behind in SG. 

Haha, I am a sticky mummy afterall!

Till our next trip! 

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