Just before the clock strikes 12

​Eve of Little Foot’s Birthday. The little lady fell asleep on me, like how she used to do so regularly so long ago. I was reminded of the colic days. What a nice memory as we kiss goodbye to 1 Year Old.

I thought about this time of the night back in 2014….

Papa Long and I were lying in bed wondering how life would change from the next day onwards. And change it did… she was everything and nothing we had expected. Like a rainbow hurricane that came with all its wonders and its downsides and shocks. 

Our life revolved around this tiny baby with a huge personality. And she sprouted before our eyes. Too fast. 

In the past year, she has grown so much, from the little baby who goes to the Playground thrice a day, to adjusting to life in Playgroup. 

She learned to walk and talk this year, a long and wobbly journey….

She showed us she had a mind of her own, choosing clothes and shoes (sometimes mismatched). 

She fell in love with Hello Kitty.

I kind of miss the carefree swing-loving baby who grinned so widely whenever she was on the swings… at times I stop and wonder if we should have let her lead that carefree life a while longer.

I love this baby who likes to ask me for a piggyback, and who tries to impress me with all the things she can help me out with, and who tells us “oh-hei!” (Okay!) when we try to negotiate with her and manages to convince her. I love this baby who falls for my fake crying and plants me kisses and sayang me on my head. 

 Even the tantrums don’t make me love her any less. Just makes me a little short fused at times. (Don’t remind of of how I made a hyena scream 2 nights ago)

Dear Emma, thank God for you. And thank God you are you… all that we wanted and more. 

Happy Birthday my baby pie, may every birthday be just as memorable and emotional for us. 

TWO will be wonderful and memorable, just as ZERO and ONE were. 

You’ll forever be our baby girl. 

And remember, whatever you do or don’t do will never change how much we love you.   
Love always, Mummy. 
P.S. I’m glad we got to shower together tonight, but so sad that you vomited again. Stay strong and healthy ok? 


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