I gave her my word…

​This evening, I fulfilled a promise we made in the morning. Because it is important to her, and it is important to keep promises to the little ones. Otherwise they won’t buy your empty promises anymore.  

Morning, Little Foot  wanted to buy bread from the vending machine (the latest thing in the neighbourhood). Papa was running late, so he didn’t stop to let her dawdle with the machine. She cried when we bypassed the machine to the car. 

So in the car we told her, “we don’t have any coins, the coins are with Mr Rabbit (My coin bank), and Mr Rabbit  is at home. Tonight you ask Mr Rabbit to give you coins, and you can buy bread. Ok?”

Little Foot stopped crying and said solemnly “Ask Mr Rabbit for coins for Little Foot..buy bread. Dong dong coins take bread from machine.”

And she repeated it several times en route to school. 

(I continue to marvel at how well she is now at expressing verbally)


Evening when I got home, she was already changed out of her uniform and playing around …  I told her we can ask Mr Rabbit for coins now. And I brought the coin bank out. 

After her pasta dinner, we were off with a purse full of coins on the Smartrike to the bread vending machine.

Looking at her delighted face when she finally got to pick up the bread after putting in the coins, and proudly eating it in the playgrounds, I’m reminded that what I say may not mean much to an adult, but it means the world to her. 

And I am glad I remembered to fulfill what I said we would do. I would otherwise have missed out on the chance to make her day, had it slipped my mind.

Well, looks like Mr Rabbit may be emptied very soon! =X so he is back hiding in the umbrella cupboard!


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