Oh the sand and sea!

Little Foot headed with Papa and Mummy to Banyan Tree Bintan over the weekend, thanks to her Aunt (Papa’s sister) and a couple of Papa’s friends.  

Oh, she so enjoyed the swim times in the pool in our villa… just had to guard her from floating out to infinity!

She also got her 2nd experience with the sand…and managed to walk a little on it!

But oh the sea, she totally liked it but feared it at the same time!

Overall a nice and relaxing holiday for us… even though it did rain quite a bit.

The only rough patch was the ferry rides.  Little Foot (and Mummy) had motion sickness and she really broke out in cold sweat when the ferry rode through choppy waters in the rain on the way there. Didnt help that we got tossed all around as it happened just as we were in the handicapped toilet because she had tummy ache.  Thank God for the carrier… we managed to tuck her in and she finally fell asleep after she tearfully told me she wanted to go home. 

Well…. the ride home was also sick for her, but all was forgotten when she got home! 

Overall a good trip! Thanks 姑姑!

And now we know, no long boat rides until we figure out a remedy for seasickness for small kids. 

Till our next adventure! 


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