No Valentine’s for us

Almost every Valentine’s for nearly 10 years we did nothing special. In fact being a bit of a anti-romance snob, we’d go for some good old Hainanese chicken rice. There’s no candlelights, no love songs, and obviously no surcharge. 

And we’d walk along the roads looking with amusement at people who were awkwardly carrying flowers and bears.

Its fun and nice for some, but really we are not that kind of couple. 

Today, as parents, no time no time! Forget romance. It’s a feat some days to remember to say Hi and Goodbye and Thank You. 

Love is doing mundane things for each other and for our child. 

Love is stepping in and filling in when the other fall short. 

Love is congratulating each other for successfully catching the projectile vomit when Little Foot is ill (yup, happened just last night) and having a good laugh while one of us is drenched in vomit. 

Love is letting the other sleep in when unwell.

Love is reminding each other about the day to day things we forgot do. 

All the unspoken things that money can’t buy you (actually okay, Chicken Rice does cost a few bucks). 

My point is, there wasn’t romantic over the top gestures over the years, but in the end, the love that lasts is not that kind of love for us. 

It is this…being around, no matter what. And allowing each other to be ourselves and growing (old) together. 

Happy Valentine’s Day & Advanced Happy 10th Anniversary, Long. 

Thanks for all the years spent together!


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