Hello Tayo & Friends!

Whenever weekend comes around, we go “yay!” but also constantly ask each other “Where shall we go?” … sometimes, we just run out of any bright ideas.

So when @missyjesslyn’s mummy texted me with a “hey, I remember Little Foot likes Tayo… Are you interested for playdate at Tayo Station before the place opens to the public?” of course I said YES YES YES!!!

We’d just celebrated her 4th birthday last month with an fantastic customed Tayo and Friends cake ( as always, the best creation from Cloud9 Bakeshop) and I had run around town trying to find a manageable way to create a Tayo themed party. So it’s no secret that this little girl loves Tayo. In fact, she has officially named Papa Long’s car “Tayo” and calls the Green and Red SBS buses on the roads “Rogi” and “Gani”. 😂

So Sunday came and we got up bright and early (Mummy super groggy) and drove eastwards to E-hub, Downtown East for the playdate.

The excitement on her face when we reached the floor of Tayo Station was priceless.

“Ooooh! Tayo!”



Once we got in with our other little friends, we were spoilt for choice as to where to begin. Eventually, Little Foot headed straight for the climbing playground.

“Let’s go slide!”



The obstacles were manageable for Little Foot, who sometimes struggle when it comes to obstacle courses, but boy oh boyyy she made it …and the two slides were rather too exciting for this mummy (yeah, I chickened out on the big slide and climbed back down. Oops!).

Little Foot and her playdate mates also had a good time driving around the Garage. The little vehicles are really fun, wriggle and watch them go! Littler kids would be able to manage with the Tayo little buses which are smaller than the wriggling ones.

Ready? 3… 2… 1… Go!



And then there was the corner with the Tayo kiddy slides and giant building bricks, suitable for the younger children. Someone spent a long time there, sliding and building a small house for herself 😉



The Hinoki room was also something she enjoyed, as she did in Pororo Park (which she has visited many times).



I personally like the Hinoki smell a lot as well 🙂

And of course, not forgetting the ball pit area… where she practiced stage-diving *facepalm*

The place has a mini TV theater where Tayo and the Little Buses played on screen, a rest and refuel area where there are vending machines for snacks, ice cream and drinks (sorry, no outside food allowed!)

Rest and recharge!


Fancy some Tayo shows?

And rooms which you can book for birthday parties.

If you wish to know whether it was fun, well, Mummy Joyc and Papa Long took over an hour to coax Little Foot to leave when it was time for lunch. If we didn’t, she’d have been happy to play till closing time! Of course, she had to buy a little souvenir for keepsake, and chose Alice the Ambulance.

Thank you @missyjesslyn and mama for the invite, and thanks Tayo Station for hosting us. We’re ordinary folks who love a bit of fun, and it’s a pleasant surprise whenever we get opportunities like this, to just play and enjoy ourselves.

Little Foot is definitely looking forward to more fun with Tayo sooner if not later.


If you are looking for a Tayo-themed place for party, this is the place to make your kid’s dream come true. And there’s a Promotion as well, so why not?

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What would I give, to watch you grow…

Today was playdate day!

It’s been a long long time since we caught up with our mummy group, although not everyone could make it (we missed those who couldn’t be there today!)

Little Foot had fun, and what a show-off she was when Mimi Cat made a guest appearance! (we arranged for my Aunt to bring her very tame ragdoll to the playdate for a cat immersion session as my Aunt lived just downstairs from the mummy host).

Our little lady jauntily went over and sayanged Mimi cat the moment the cat arrived. Haha… she felt the need to stake ownership (“this cat is my friend!”).


As I watched her play and interact with Mimi and the other toddlers – busying herself shifting toys around, I caught moments of her giving give hearty laughs (covering her mouth) whenever the adults guffawed at something funny in our adult conversations – I told myself, I really wouldn’t give this up for anything in the world.


Watching Little Foot grow, chronicling her milestones has brought me a lot of joy… even if it really meant I am going to be sleep deprived for a long long time. Even if it meant my progression career-wise may have slowed down.

Her ” ha ha ha!” really works like vitamins for me, and it knocked sense into me. THIS is what is important.


I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

Baby, you have made me laugh my loudest laughs, cry my most heart-aching cries. Because of you, because you are with me, because you are ours, I can feel I am truly alive, and living a life beyond work work work, shop shop shop, party party party.

As always, thanks for being our baby 🙂

And I thank Papa Long,  for teaching her to be this animal-loving and “steady” baby who loves the animals and the outdoors. Yup, ‘cos Papa was a Kampung Kia and he hopes she will inherit his love for being on the wild side.


Here’s a photo of Little Foot happily stroking a friendly shih tsu in the neighbourhood yesterday evening.