What would I give, to watch you grow…

Today was playdate day!

It’s been a long long time since we caught up with our mummy group, although not everyone could make it (we missed those who couldn’t be there today!)

Little Foot had fun, and what a show-off she was when Mimi Cat made a guest appearance! (we arranged for my Aunt to bring her very tame ragdoll to the playdate for a cat immersion session as my Aunt lived just downstairs from the mummy host).

Our little lady jauntily went over and sayanged Mimi cat the moment the cat arrived. Haha… she felt the need to stake ownership (“this cat is my friend!”).


As I watched her play and interact with Mimi and the other toddlers – busying herself shifting toys around, I caught moments of her giving give hearty laughs (covering her mouth) whenever the adults guffawed at something funny in our adult conversations – I told myself, I really wouldn’t give this up for anything in the world.


Watching Little Foot grow, chronicling her milestones has brought me a lot of joy… even if it really meant I am going to be sleep deprived for a long long time. Even if it meant my progression career-wise may have slowed down.

Her ” ha ha ha!” really works like vitamins for me, and it knocked sense into me. THIS is what is important.


I wouldn’t miss this for the world.

Baby, you have made me laugh my loudest laughs, cry my most heart-aching cries. Because of you, because you are with me, because you are ours, I can feel I am truly alive, and living a life beyond work work work, shop shop shop, party party party.

As always, thanks for being our baby 🙂

And I thank Papa Long,  for teaching her to be this animal-loving and “steady” baby who loves the animals and the outdoors. Yup, ‘cos Papa was a Kampung Kia and he hopes she will inherit his love for being on the wild side.


Here’s a photo of Little Foot happily stroking a friendly shih tsu in the neighbourhood yesterday evening.


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