Another throwback, taken from my old blog

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Almost reaching the 18 weeks mark.. Thank God for life!

Yesterday was the biopsy.

Too sudden to hit me too hard when I went through it. Dr Felicia was good at the work, and reassuring while we did it… and that helped.

As I walked down the hill back to my childhood home, back to my childhood bed after it, with only me knowing there’s a waterproof-plaster under my bra, I had a conversation with Him.

“God, I really want to be around to see my baby take his/her first steps… I want to be there for him/her… Please…”

Thank YOU… for hearing my plea. It was a moment of revelation, as I realised I am no longer living for me, but there’s someone I need to be around for soon. Our little baby-nim.

Today was such a rush of relief when the nurse finally called in the late afternoon to tell me the biopsy results. “Nothing to worry about… Not Malignant”. I had to just go “Woohoo!” all over whatsapp.

Thank YOU for hearing my plea really.

I will keep my word God, and lead this baby to know YOU.

Thank YOU!

Please forgive me if I went a little overboard with the indulging today, buying the shoes and bracelet. I really just want to remember this pivotal moment. I am a mother, and I have to be alive to see my baby grow up.

Please protect our baby, God. Amen.


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