Hello *hiccups*

Our baby girl has started to hiccup this week. I find it so cute, the gentle hiccupping that is happening almost daily. And I pat my tummy and tell her “it’s ok, it’s just hiccups. No need to worry, it doesn’t hurt you. And Mummy’s here”.

Love is indeed taken to a different spectrum when we prepare to welcome a precious new life into this world. Even Daddy shows a soft side whenever he speaks to the little girl the tummy.

One little footprint at a time, we’re stepping towards parenthood. One little footprint at a time, we’re nearing our first face-to-face date.

It softens us in a way I could never understand in the past. And for now, never mind the craziness in this world, I just want to sit back, relax and feel your hiccups, your little movements, and know you are with me safe and sound.

And here’s the video that moved me to emotional tears, because I wonder, when Little Foot grows up, will she remember the time we spent together all these months while she was inside me? Or would it only be Mummy’s own precious memories, which can never be relived, because our bb is so special…

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