Third Trimester – An Emotional Roller Coaster

Dear Little Foot,

On Friday, Dr Teo said you were at at 50th percentile at the last check-up, but seemed to have slowed down. 1.3KG at Week #30 is slightly light.

Mummy has been throwing up and having very bad reflux for about 2 weeks. Thankfully, the Omeprazole prescribed seems to be working. Let’s hope the throwing up and gastric pains stop for good. Still, the on-and-off breathlessness hasn’t stopped.

Friday was also the glucose tolerance test. Mummy had to hold in my feelings of wanting to vomit for two hours. Otherwise, we won’t know if it was indeed diabetes. Thankfully, the nurses at KKH were very kind and found me a place to rest. Sadly, it is gestational diabetes. Somehow mummy knew it was to be so, but confirming it really makes me very sad and confused, because Little Foot is too small, mummy is gaining not enough weight and not eating much, but then we are told we have diabetes.

So this weekend, Mummy and Daddy tried to rest a lot. We also went to buy a lot of healthier and low sugar food today, like oatmeal biscuits and natural yoghurt. Mummy is a little bit scared of the full day test at KKH on Wednesday. We’ll have to stay the whole day there for three meals and take insulin and do more tests, but as your Mummy, I will have to be strong and try to stay positive.

About another 9 weeks before we get to meet face-to-face, are you excited? Baby Nate is already out and saying hello to the world. Thank God he is fine. Mummy continues to pray that you will be well and healthy too. I will do my best.

Dear Little Foot, at the last checkup, you were head down, but on Friday, you had turned back up. Please do your best to turn back to head down … but if you don’t, Mummy won’t be angry either, we’ll just make all the right decisions, as best as we can, as long as you are healthy.

Love you, my dearest Little Foot Baby-Nim.

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