Prenatal Massage – what a Godsend!

I’ve been having a very bad back since yesterday, and feeling rather unwell (bloated and breathless) the whole week. Last night really got so bad, I was trying to rub my back the whole night whenever the ache woke me up. It felt like I was full of wind everyday.

After half a day offsite for a meeting, was told I need not be there anymore. What a relief… I took cab there and back. Back home, I decided enough was enough. Even if a massage in Singapore really costs a bomb these days, I really needed a break from the pain and bloated feeling. Google threw up a couple of “best prenatal massage” reviews, and I saw that this Babies Bellies was at Novena Square 2 (wow! there’s a pre/post-natal massage so near my office and I didn’t realise?) and the pricing was the most affordable.

Knowing me, I usually don’t got for the cheapest things, but I can’t go far with the backache, and I thought, give it a try. I called and they still had a slot in the late afternoon, so I said ok, let’s do it!

No regrets! I opted for the extended 90-min session (they charge $60 for 60 mins without package) and Sal, the Malay lady who massaged me, really kneaded the knots in my body, and her Javanese style massage really moved the wind that were all clogged up in my lower back and right leg (it felt like rheumatism really). The strength was just nice, gentle yet firm, and there wasn’t a moment that I felt uncomfortable, even at 34 weeks pregnant, she made me comfortable lying down on my side and back for the massage.

Walked out light as a feather, with the ache in the area behind my right knee (my brother calls them the knee-pits) tackled, my neck and shoulders tension loosened, and no more intense ache in my lower back.

Bought a 10-hour package – $550 for 10 hours, that’s how un-gimmicky they are. [ Note: Payment by Nets or Cash only!] and I made my booking for next Friday.More importantly, I made a promise to myself, don’t be so stupid to try to endure the pain again.


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