Yay! Head’s down!

Dear Little Foot,

Today’s visit to the gynae was much better. Thank you, for being so cooperative :))

Week 33, Little Foot’s now 2.2kg! Wow, 900grams in 3 weeks! I guess the 3-4 cups of milk a day really helped, even though Mummy didn’t put on weight.

During the ultrasound, I could see you covering your face again. As usual, you’re so bashful… just like Daddy. Ah well, maybe you wanted to play peekaboo? We can do that when you finally come into this world 🙂 The good news is your head’s now down, which means you’re going to spare Mummy the C-section (which I thought was ok really).

Sugar levels are under control. We just have to continue with the boring diet, but I’m sure you’re growing well, because the boring diet is so much healthier than all the food I’ve been eating previously.

Stay safe in my tummy baby… Doc Teo’s going for reservist and will only be back at the beginning of Dec. Don’t come out till he’s back ok?

Mummy’s going to attend Baby Nate’s 1st month party tomorrow. Can’t wait to hold yours too.

Love you always and always and always,


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