This is it…

To my dearest Little Foot,

Today Mummy and Daddy went to the hospital to see the gynae. Finally Dr Teo is back. He told us you are ready to come anytime now after some checks which was a little painful.

So we shall be checking in tonight after midnight to the delivery ward… this means that if all goes well, by this time tomorrow, you will be out of my tummy and in my arms. We can finally meet you face-to-face, hug you and kiss you.

To be honest, I’m scared. If the pain is going to be 10x worse than what I felt this afternoon, it will be too excruciating.

And I’m scared too, of all the “what ifs”…

So I’m writing you this note, a little note to tell you how much I loved you from the first time I knew you existed inside me. the warm fuzzy feelings that you have given me, the side of me and Daddy that you have brought out since you came into our lives as a little black spot on the ultrasound screen. It has been an amazing journey.

I wish for you a peaceful and smooth sailing life.

I wish for you good health and happiness always.

I wish for you a good-natured temper just like your Dad’s.

I wish for you all of God’s blessings, with Mother Mary and all the angels and saints watching over you as you sleep each night, as you take your first steps, as you grow into a bright-eyed young woman, as you venture into life and embrace it.

I wish for you never to lose awe of the wonders of God’s work in this world… to always see the positive and the good in all things that come your way.

I wish for you true grit in life, just as I have, so that you will never give up on what’s important to you even when faced with setbacks and disappointments.

I wish for you a big heart, kindness and empathy, that you will learn to spread God’s love around you.

And I wish for you simplicity. Never be like me who think too much, just be like Daddy, who takes everything in his stride.

Life is unpredictable my baby, and that’s why I nicknamed you Little Foot. I hope that you will be just like the Little Foot in The Land Before Time, who never lost his true nature, never turned back on his friends, never gave up.

I’ll see you soon my dearest daughter. I pray that you will be a good child of Jesus, be a good child of ours, and a good girl to this world.

Remember this love that we have for you my baby…. I hope that when you grow up, you will find the courage to go where your heart leads you.

I love you, to the end of the world and back. Always.

With Love,

Mummy J

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