Shoutout to my dearest Panda Mummies

Little Foot turned 8 months old yesterday. Seems ept that my entry at this milestone be dedicated to a group of very special friends who has journeyed with me since the tail end of my pregnancy – The group of 12 mummies and 13 babies, we call ourselves the Panda Mummies.

We were there for each other from the day we hooked up to discuss our photoshoot. It was good to have someone who was going through the same phase in life… we all started to countdown and wait anxiously for “something to happen”. They cheered me on throughout my delivery (Yes, they were actively on Whatsapp with me while I was being hooked up to the epidural machine), stayed up together to chat while we nursed our babies/ pump milk, felt my pain as I encountered engorgements, hormonal screwups, shared advice and tips when I was at my wits end whenever something cropped up – baby dropping hair, baby poo poo, baby never poo poo, baby reject bottle, baby reject me, baby having fever.. baby wants to be carried all day… the list goes on and on. Where no one else understood,  they always did, or at least made me feel like I am not as mad as the world thought me to be.

Whenever I think of how a group of random strangers can get together because of 1 common factor – our babies were predicted to be born in the same month – I am amazed and extremely thankful.

So a BIG shoutout to my panda mummies group. Thanks for being my pillars of support in this journey.  We may be a subset of the huge Dec 14 mummies group, but this subset will always be the most special one to me.

We’ve had quite a few playdates, our pregnancy photoshoot and our babies’ 6mo photoshoot… may there be more milestones photoshoots and celebrations together!

Sarangheyo! 😚


Our very first play date when the bubs were less than 2 months old.


CNY 2015 “Keep Calm and Collect Ang Pow” playdate.


SG50 Playdate at City Square Indoor Gym today.

To find a group of good friends at the ripe old age of 33 (I am 33 until I hit my birthday this Sunday!), I am indeed blessed.


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