My simple 34th

I turned 34 while the nation celebrated its  Golden Jubilee birthday.


Here’s me babywearing Little Foot with my birthday gift, the SG50 Exclusive Garden Bee Tula.

Unlike Singapore where it was all SG50 fever, mine was one of the more muted celebrations. I think as I grew older, I didn’t need a party to celebrate.  My kind of party this year? Family.

Becoming a mum and celebrating for the first time as a mummy, I realised the true meaning of a birthday is to say Thank You to the one who laboured for hours so that I could exist, and no better way than to spend it with her. I must thank my mum for making me that special National Day baby , so I never had to study or work on my birthday.


My mummy & my baby.

This year’s wish is simple. I hope we can always be happily together.

Really, life’s priorities becomes simpler and clearer when one gets older. I guess I grew up :)!


The most precious people to me.

So a happy birthday to me. Looking forward to the day Little Foot can wish me happy birthday personally and the day she hands me a birthday card / gift.

P.S. I do miss having a good drink on my birthday this year.


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