No one is an island

These three days have been particularly trying. I wasn’t sure which part of my body was the root cause – my back ached, my tummy felt strange, I couldn’t catch my breath,  and at some points I just wanted to lie down depressed and hope that was my last breath.

Grateful for family for throwing me several lifelines. They took turns to appear to help me with Little Foot… not easy because everyone has their own kids and are working.

I’m currently lying down with one koyok on my back. Earlier this evening we went to Ma Kuang at Toa Payoh Central for TCM treatment. Super happy that the acupuncture (either electric currents) gave me immediate relief on my back.  Also got four days of medicine till my next visit.

This whole episode really got me thinking about how I don’t have backup plans. .. and whether the current arrangements work.

Sighh… I’m no super mummy… and I feel guilty that I think of offloading my child to others, yet the reality is I cannot do this alone unless someone can miraculously fix me. Yet I don’t want to ever be held ransom by my circumstances.  Need to think harder and deeper.

Really, is this the best for Little Foot?


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