One of those nights…

After a busy weekend (as always), I have just jumped on my bed like it was a trampoline thrice in the last two hours. With Little Foot in my arms. Singing “Jesus loves me”.

Makes for a funny sight I’m sure, but my frustration at this disturbed sleep which has been occurring the last few days is real. 

I guess this is the sleep regression the other mummies speak about. Learning too many things in the day, being over-stimulated while out in the day, play too much in the day, all affects baby’s sleep. 

Although I’m resigned to the fate that she may not sleep through the night anytime in the near future (seems like a common problem for co-sleeping and direct-latching babies), this sudden wakes and bawl (with eyes shut) is really mentally, physically and emotionally trying. The only way to pacify her is to jump up and down on my bed like a mad woman. And then she falls into a fitful sleep in my arms. 

So now… second time with her asleep in my arms, sometimes fidgeting… going to be challenging to put her down without waking up.

One thing’s for sure. It is going to be a loooooong night.


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