That hoarder in me

Little Foot is growing so fast, some days it does feel like I’m catching my breath just catching up with her.

This month she grew her first tooth, and a second is popping out anytime.

She’s also figured out that the walker doesn’t restrain her… it liberates her. So much so, she can run screaming into the kitchen or do a 3 – point turn and go back down our narrow hallway. This means she’s frowning when we place her in the exersaucer,  her once upon a time most exciting toy.

We’ve also upgraded her to the Standard size Kinderpack, which means her first and most loved KP is going to be redundant soon.


In the infant size Kinderpack at 3 months young.


Nicely fitting a standard size Kinderpack now.

Over the weekend, we got her a proper baby chair and a bigger carseat too. So it’s goodbye maxi cosi and Bumbo.


Chubby Little Foot during her first try of the Bumbo.


Having a meal in the Bumbo last week (her thighs kept getting stuck when we carried her out)


Ready for meals now in her high chair.

Mummy doesn’t want time to zip by. I’ve kept so many momentos of her since birth. …from the first romper booties and mittens to her first shoes…even milk bottles. Even the first lock of hair I snipped.

Now as she starts outgrowing her toys and baby gear,  I’m so torn. I feel this great sense of sorrow as I put her in the exersaucer and wonder if it would be her last ride in it. I don’t want to dismantle the toy… I want Little Foot to be that same excited baby with the gummy smile playing in it. At most, the hoarder in me wants to stash it in the storeroom, not sell it on Carousell.

As she progresses along the milestone charts,  no one feels more accomplished than me, having stayed at home to journey this far together with her. Yet whenever it is time to wave goodbye to an old toy or clothes she has outgrown, I find myself an emotional wreck.

I want to hold on to all these… the things and the precious precious memories they carry, but we know space is a luxury in our tiny flat.

Let me just stall for time. Just let’s use it  all a little while more…. *sniffles*


Still remember the first time she sat in the exersaucer, we had to add pillows to make sure she wasn’t floundering in it.


Now, from botak head to a head full of hair.


Zippin’ up and down in the baby walker.


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