Coming one full circle… happiness!

I’m elated. Over the moon. Super happy can die. Just minutes ago, I FINALLY scored a Kinderpack. Yes, retail price. First time ever.


A preview photo of Rockin Rockets from the Kindercarry Facebook page

Half a year ago, I first chanced upon reviews of how good Kinderpacks were as a baby carrier, and I tried (and obviously failed) my luck getting one when they released them on their website for sale (in babywearing world, we call it stocking day). Then, I was trying for this exact print called “Rockin Rockets” with Koolnit. Obviously, back then, I wasn’t quite aware how hard it was to get a KP. Unlike other brands of Soft structured carriers like Tulas, Lenny Lamb, Manduca, Boba, Kokadi etc, there is virtually no retailers selling them.

So disappointed that I failed, I hopped over to Tula website and bought us a Rockets Tula. And I later went on to snag our first (and subsequent) Kinderpacks at market value on the Kinderpack Chatter and B/S/T Facebook group.
Using the Rockets Tula on our first family trip with baby to Hong Kong.

So they released Rockin Rockets again tonight. And I literally sprinted on my keyboard and mouse all the way to payment and checkout page.

I guess we have come one full circle. One more item on my to-do list checked. Little Foot, mummy’s got you another rockets! Still can’t quite believe I scored!

P.S. For all who are keen on Kinderpacks, stocking days are Thursdays 12 Noon CDT at Kindercarry website, which translates to Fridays, 1am Singapore time.

P.P.S. Little Foot is a huge fan of both the Kinderpack and Tula. Our Rockets Tula is still Little Foot’s favourite Tula, and she still leans towards the Mixed Tapes KP, our very first KP whenever she wants to be carried.


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