Revisiting our wedding place

Our little family of three attended our first wedding for 2016 on 2nd Jan.

It was a rainy day.

One of my very dear friends, the young girl who used to work with me while waiting for her A Level results, and later became my very good friend and scrapbooking kaki was getting married to a boy whom I know will take the bestest care of her forever and ever.

How nice that the wedding was held at St Teresa Church,  the place where Papa Long and I got married in 2012. We haven’t been back since the wedding, since this was not the parish I belonged to.


Many moments of the wedding mass (more seriously known as the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony) moved me….especially served as a timely reminder to me about the marital vows I had said in His presence. It was a peaceful mass for me.

Little Foot started out well when we arrived, fascinated and intrigued by the people, the flowers and the many things going on in the church as everyone settled down and prepared for the ceremony to begin.


Her patience wore thin however, as we neared her nap time…  so for the better part of the ceremony, Papa Long stood outside the church with her in the Tula,  patting, rocking, singing to her, and finally got her to nap. As I sat inside and looked out at the man I married in this very place, fulfilling his vows in his own ways, I silently thanked him and Him.


After the starry-eyed romantic church wedding that many women hankered after, I sat there in the pews of the same church comprehending what this Sacrament meant. It wasn’t about the perfect proposal or the most beautiful gown, ring, flowers or music. It was about what comes after….the long long walk together in life that as a couple we will take, sometimes sacrificing for the other person, propping each other up. He has done the propping up more than me most days.


Our wedding in 2012…

Thank you, my friend, for the chance you gave us to revisit the place we got married, and refreshing my memory of all the promises I made at the Altar.


I pray that your marriage too, will be a love-filled and fulfilling one too 🙂


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