4 things to try on the mummy bandwagon

Now that I’ve been a mummy for nearly 18 months, I thought it’d be useful to list down the must-do, must-try “IN” things for new mummies. These are things that fellow mummies seem to get rather enthusiastic about, and others don’t quite understand why (daddies included).

1. Get a fancy baby carrier or wrap!

Definitely, on the top of the list is babywearing. Afterall, I recently counted nearly 20 carriers in my possession (yep, this mummy went overboard during my stay at home days), 3 wraps and 2 ring slings.

If you want to be a fashionista mama, get a Wrap Conversion (WC) Tula, or get one of those fancy clothes for babywearing (we call them wraps). Only available on their US site.

Not so long ago, mummies were using carriers like the Baby Bjorn and Ergo…then people started to complain that the Ergo wasn’t good enough for heavier older babies, the designs were boring etc etc. And along came a whole new breed of carriers – Tulas, LennyLambs, Kinderpacks, Bamberoo, Madame Googoo. These boasted better cut, deeper seat, more comfortable babywearing, and yes, they came in toddler sizes too. Most sought after here is the Tula. It is relatively easy to find a canvas one. Just go to one of the local retailers, they will have them. The one that will make you feel like you’re carrying a Prada /Hermes bag (even though you are haven’t really combed your hair or you are again wearing that same old Uniqlo airism bra top) is a wrap conversion (WC) Tula. These are made of the special (read branded) woven cloths that are good for wrapping, and very limited in production. In other words, they don’t come cheap. Thankfully for the newbies, the resale market is coming down to sane prices now, although just this morning, I saw a used one going for a jaw-dropping US$4K.

Here’s us in a wrap, and here’s Papa Long  in a WC Tula. You can also read about my early day reviews of carriers here.

Find the Tula too mainstream? check out the hard to find Kinderpacks or the sooooo soft and fluffy LennyLambs. For me, it’s a tie between the Tula and the Kinderpack.

If you want to walk the path less travelled, go for the wraps. I personally find it too complicated and Little Foot is not a wrappable baby. P.S those cloths don’t come cheap, but they guarantee that they won’t rip under the weight of your baby!

Once you babywear, be prepared to attract the curious people’s attention. In our earlier days when I used to venture out with Little Foot on the MRT alone, I have had strangers coming to try to peep into my carrier, curious to see what’s under the hood (hello-oh, of cos is a baby lah!). Occasionally, I have had some strangers come up and ask me, if it’s ok for the baby to be inside the pouch. 

2. Not any diaper bag. Get a Ju-ju-be Bag!

Our first diaper bag was a plain grey bag sling with fuchsia trimmings from MAM. It worked for us well, until I noticed how some mummies in my group would go absolutely mad over a certain brand called Ju-Ju-Be. Curious, I went to kaypoh a little… and then I got hooked (Papa Long wanted to knock his head against the wall) buying the various shapes and sizes. Being a Tokidoki lover in my younger days, I’m a like “WOW! Tokidoki diaper bags!” Like the WC Tulas, the supply seemed to be way short of the demand, so there is also a resale market. A bag at resale could double the retail price (don’t ask me how that works. That’s how the “buy sell trade” market is!).

I’m not going to say how many JJB bags I have. Too many. Period. I even bought the Minibes (Mini backpack), just in case Little Foot wants to carry one to school in the near future.

Jjb mummies love taking pictures of their bag(s) of the day. Diaper bags are no longer uncool!

3. Make a breastmilk jewellery for heirloom or keepsake

Don’t say “Eeeee!!” ya? I know it sounds strange to want to make jewellery with your breastmilk as contents, but for some who are a little morbid like myself, I did think it was a good idea. A momento for my Little Foot, just in case, you know, I’m gone one day.

I’ve written on our Facebook about how I’ve been cheated by one of the largest and forerunners in the breastmilk jewellery scene, but that’s water under the bridge. I’m now eagerly awaiting the ones I ordered from a local maker. Very simple. You provide them a certain amount of breastmilk, they somehow many it into jewellery. Most however do it in silver or stainless steel. these may not last till Little Foot is 21, so I may try the new series that one local maker launched, using gold. [will update with photos when I ever do receive my breastmilk keepsake]

4. Make breastmilk soaps 

Again, don’t say “Eeeee!!!!” Breastmilk is one of the best “lotions” for baby. When Little Foot was a few days old, she had some red rashes appear on her eyelids and face. The oldies told me to dab breastmilk on the rashes, so I did. Lo and Behold! The rashes were gone! So I would always pour whatever leftover milk into her bathtub for her baths. I find it helps with dry skin.

At one point when (I thought) I was running low on supply, I hurriedly got a local maker, Soapshifu, to do a set of breastmilk soaps for me. 330ml were made into about 1kg of soap, cut and packed nicely into individual packaging. The milk is processed together with essential oils and good stuff like shea butter. All natural. No weird fishy smell from the soap. Smells just like a regular lavender bar soap that is moisturing and gentle enough for baby’s skin.

I like that the maker at Soapshifu took a lot of time to answer my questions and was not hard-sell at all.After the sad saga over the breastmilk jewellery, I have become very careful to do my homework before I engage any makers for customisation. One bad experience was enough. In fact, I only knew about this maker through a fellow mummy friend who was raving about it. For mummies, every drop of our milk is precious (especially when you are low supply like me), the last thing you want to have is someone taking your milk and then giving you something that is completely disappointing (or worse, run off with your milk and money!).So it is good to know that Soapshifu and its products are registered under the Health Sciences Authority. 

Little Foot has been using the soap daily (together with her usual Mustela/California Babies because that is her signature baby smell that we are so nostalgic about) since Oct last year, and we only just start using the 2nd bar! I find it most useful whenever she breaks into some rash. I know some other mummies may use the breastmilk soaps themselves too, or use for their older kids as well, but nahhhh…. not us. Saving the best for my Little Foot!

(Note that Little Foot does not have sensitive skin or any known skin allergies/reactions, so please do your necessary skin tests / err on the side of caution if your baby has sensitive skin).

So that’s the List. 

Of course, there were other things I indulged in over the last 18 months, such as:


  • Making Taimaobi 胎毛笔 keepsake calligraphy brush using hair from Little Foot’s first shave, and an umbilical cord seal from Huatsing
  • Customising a book for Little Foot from Lost My Name
  • Customising jewellery with Little Foot’s photos from Jules Jewels.
  • Buying S’well bottles for a more chic look to go with the JJB bags.
  • Getting Matchy-match clothes for Little Foot and myself, and also Family matching outfits.


Motherhood is serious work, but amidst the craziness and tiredness, we know that the baby phase will pass in the blink of an eye.

Doing some of the momentos, and living the moment (albeit a seemingly frivolous one at times) makes it a more interesting and memorable ride.

Our breastfeeding journey doesn’t last long too, so if you can afford to spare a few drops, why not make the soaps so the Little One can benefit for a while more even after the supply is cut.


Enjoy the journey…Just make sure not to break the bank in the process!

P.S. No sponsorship was received, although Papa Long’s had generously contributed to the book,  the Taimaobi and 1 Tula.  Mummy Joyc is a full-time working mummy, who runs home each day after work, and spends almost all her free time with Little Foot, so she gets her retail therapy online when Little Foot is in dreamland.  



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2 weeks of flu, cough and flying tempers

Haven’t had much energy to update recently. 

Little Foot is down with flu and cough 3 days after we returned from Taiwan. So yes, almost 2 weeks and still fighting the bug.


Imagine how grumpy she is.

I’m also coughing my head off with the same bug. Tired, but sorry, mummy don’t get to sleep well if baby is not well.

So far we have had about 5 changes of bedsheets. She would sleep soundly, then cough in her sleep and vomit. Sometimes she would puke on me too. So heart pain whenever it happens.

Over the weekend she was especially grumpy. Kept throwing herself backwards to kick up a fuss.  Even kicked me in the tummy to get out of the Tula at one point. Again, heart broken. 

I lost my temper a few times too. Guilty, but I’m also human. The exhaustion really made me quite down and kee siao.

Let’s hope the bug goes away soon. Stay at home with baby stint is coming again soon at the end of the month. I want my cheeky baby back in the pink of health, then we can go out to play!


Any day can be Papa day




I revisited these pictures a few times today.

Each time, it brought a smile to my face and warmed soul.

Today was “Papa day” for Little Foot. She gave Papa Long a lot of special moments.

Morning, she went on and on “papapapa…” for a very long time while playing around on our bed. We tried to catch it on video but she froze the moment the phone appeared.

Then they had a good baby bath session today. I felt him reminiscing about the newborn he used to bathe when he towel-dried her on his lap. And she was quiet and cooperative. (Usually,  there would be a lot of “eh eh eh” and squirming). Maybe he was also thinking about how there will come a day when he has to stop being the bath IC for her.

And then we had this father-daughter hug that melted my heart. It was at Wang Cafe at Bukit Panjang Plaza. We decided to go for our Kopi session in the afternoon. And it was such a spontaneous thing they did.

What amazed me was she quietly hugged him back and also allowed him to enjoy his coffee.

(Little Foot hardly hugs. She usually doesn’t even wrap her arms around our neck when we carry her. And she usually fusses if you sit down and stay still for too long while she’s in the carrier.)

Yes, anyday anytime, your child will decide that it is Papa day or Mama day. As a parent, be deeply involved in your child’s life or you might miss the moment that could happen anytime.

Thank you, Papa Long, for being the involved and loving father of Little Foot. XOXOXO


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Revisiting our wedding place

Our little family of three attended our first wedding for 2016 on 2nd Jan.

It was a rainy day.

One of my very dear friends, the young girl who used to work with me while waiting for her A Level results, and later became my very good friend and scrapbooking kaki was getting married to a boy whom I know will take the bestest care of her forever and ever.

How nice that the wedding was held at St Teresa Church,  the place where Papa Long and I got married in 2012. We haven’t been back since the wedding, since this was not the parish I belonged to.


Many moments of the wedding mass (more seriously known as the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony) moved me….especially served as a timely reminder to me about the marital vows I had said in His presence. It was a peaceful mass for me.

Little Foot started out well when we arrived, fascinated and intrigued by the people, the flowers and the many things going on in the church as everyone settled down and prepared for the ceremony to begin.


Her patience wore thin however, as we neared her nap time…  so for the better part of the ceremony, Papa Long stood outside the church with her in the Tula,  patting, rocking, singing to her, and finally got her to nap. As I sat inside and looked out at the man I married in this very place, fulfilling his vows in his own ways, I silently thanked him and Him.


After the starry-eyed romantic church wedding that many women hankered after, I sat there in the pews of the same church comprehending what this Sacrament meant. It wasn’t about the perfect proposal or the most beautiful gown, ring, flowers or music. It was about what comes after….the long long walk together in life that as a couple we will take, sometimes sacrificing for the other person, propping each other up. He has done the propping up more than me most days.


Our wedding in 2012…

Thank you, my friend, for the chance you gave us to revisit the place we got married, and refreshing my memory of all the promises I made at the Altar.


I pray that your marriage too, will be a love-filled and fulfilling one too 🙂


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The perils of Facebook interest groups

Just awhile ago, on a babywearing Facebook group, a mummy posted that her husband was angry with her for buying another Tula. It made her scared. As the story unfolded and people jumped in with ideas and suggestions, it came out that they owed credit card bills (it’s her husband’s debts not hers) for months. She bought a Tula. And she is extremely reluctant to sell the other Tulas she own to offset the one she just purchased.

Addiction? Peer pressure? I don’t know.

In all these Facebook interest groups, whether it is babywearing or Ju-ju-be or Daiso, it becomes easy to get carried away and think that it is “normal” to have excess… and after awhile the price tag becomes just a number you are immuned to.

I am very guilty of it.

I see people posting stash shots. I want to have a stash like that too! And being a person prone to excesses (remember my wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling cabinet for shoes), I did definitely build my own stashes.

The scary thing about these Facebook groups is that when an item goes up for sale on the BST (Buy Sell Trade) pages, people almost immediately reply with “PM!” and that makes you freak out and anyhow PM the next seller in case you miss out that “good deal” or “hard to find design”.

I am guilty as charged. The only  consolation is, I’m not eating into money meant for necessities, and I have the next paycheck coming again.

When the mama made that post anit really saddened me..why would owning the next tula take higher priority than getting the family out of debt which is obviously causing some sort of stress to the husband? We have let something good like babywearing become that evil thing that drives a wedge between husband and wife.

I have shared all the merits of babywearing and using SSCs all this while.  Today, I feel that we need to go back to why we babywear. It is a tool for bonding with baby; an aid for tired arms and restless babies. However, the most important thing a baby needs is not a branded carrier. It is LOVE and a happy family will provide that love, not material needs.

I am happy that while we are not filthy rich, we are not lacking financially. I’m grateful that my husband while not entirely indulgent,  has never seen a need to get upset over my spending habits. He just sporadically reminds me whenever it gets too out of hand.

I hope that the mama, and anyone else in the same situation out there will make the right choices eventually.

Don’t get swept away by the craze online.

Coming one full circle… happiness!

I’m elated. Over the moon. Super happy can die. Just minutes ago, I FINALLY scored a Kinderpack. Yes, retail price. First time ever.


A preview photo of Rockin Rockets from the Kindercarry Facebook page

Half a year ago, I first chanced upon reviews of how good Kinderpacks were as a baby carrier, and I tried (and obviously failed) my luck getting one when they released them on their website for sale (in babywearing world, we call it stocking day). Then, I was trying for this exact print called “Rockin Rockets” with Koolnit. Obviously, back then, I wasn’t quite aware how hard it was to get a KP. Unlike other brands of Soft structured carriers like Tulas, Lenny Lamb, Manduca, Boba, Kokadi etc, there is virtually no retailers selling them.

So disappointed that I failed, I hopped over to Tula website and bought us a Rockets Tula. And I later went on to snag our first (and subsequent) Kinderpacks at market value on the Kinderpack Chatter and B/S/T Facebook group.
Using the Rockets Tula on our first family trip with baby to Hong Kong.

So they released Rockin Rockets again tonight. And I literally sprinted on my keyboard and mouse all the way to payment and checkout page.

I guess we have come one full circle. One more item on my to-do list checked. Little Foot, mummy’s got you another rockets! Still can’t quite believe I scored!

P.S. For all who are keen on Kinderpacks, stocking days are Thursdays 12 Noon CDT at Kindercarry website, which translates to Fridays, 1am Singapore time.

P.P.S. Little Foot is a huge fan of both the Kinderpack and Tula. Our Rockets Tula is still Little Foot’s favourite Tula, and she still leans towards the Mixed Tapes KP, our very first KP whenever she wants to be carried.

My simple 34th

I turned 34 while the nation celebrated its  Golden Jubilee birthday.


Here’s me babywearing Little Foot with my birthday gift, the SG50 Exclusive Garden Bee Tula.

Unlike Singapore where it was all SG50 fever, mine was one of the more muted celebrations. I think as I grew older, I didn’t need a party to celebrate.  My kind of party this year? Family.

Becoming a mum and celebrating for the first time as a mummy, I realised the true meaning of a birthday is to say Thank You to the one who laboured for hours so that I could exist, and no better way than to spend it with her. I must thank my mum for making me that special National Day baby , so I never had to study or work on my birthday.


My mummy & my baby.

This year’s wish is simple. I hope we can always be happily together.

Really, life’s priorities becomes simpler and clearer when one gets older. I guess I grew up :)!


The most precious people to me.

So a happy birthday to me. Looking forward to the day Little Foot can wish me happy birthday personally and the day she hands me a birthday card / gift.

P.S. I do miss having a good drink on my birthday this year.

My obssessions with baby carriers

I’m starting to earn quite a rep among my mummy friends (and I’m not sure it’s a good thing really), for having this obsession with babywearing. Overall, of all the different modes of babywearing, my personal preference is to use a carrier. (Babywearers refer to them as soft-structured carriers (SSCs)). Since I’ve had quite a few people ask me how I felt about them, I thought it’d be nice to pen my thoughts down, especially as each mode of carrying and each wrap and carrier added their own little fond memories to my memory bank of Little Foot’s journey.

Ring Sling

My babywearing stash started humbly with the purchase of a second-hand The Birth Shop ring sling. I was intending to buy a nursing pillow from this mama, but since she had a $10 good deal on the ring sling, I got it too, with the encouragement of my supermummy sister (she’s a mother of three). This ring sling, I only ever tried twice, and like many amateurs, I cradle carried Little Foot in it (a big no no according to the babywearing police). I didn’t use it again after one outing in it, since both Little Foot and I were not really comfortable. A ring sling works for many and is supposed to be fast in, fast out for the baby, but it didn’t work for me because I have a lower back issue and still recovering slowly from the epidural. Worse, I kept thinking she was going to fall out, and spent most of the time cradling her with the ring sling in my arms. I might as well have removed the cloth.


Here’s me trying the ring sling while in confinement. Then, I was not aware that cradle carry posed certain dangers to babies.

K’tan Wrap Carrier (I call it the cheater’s wrap)

As we inched towards third trimester, I remembered a church friend always carrying her little one so snugly while she attended Sunday Mass, and I wanted that kind of closeness with my baby girl. So I did a little bit of research online and came across the Baby K’tan Carrier. I wanted to wrap, but did not want the complications of wrapping (Ok, I’m lazy). The K’tan was the answer. With luck, the only online store (Nursing Muslimah) that brought this into Singapore from US was taking pre-orders and it arrived just before Little Foot was born. The K’tan became a very special piece to me. I still remember that warm and fuzzy feeling I had when I first used it to carry Little Foot to the polyclinic for her jaundice tests. She was a few days old, and looked so adorable wearing the matching  little hat, mittens, and romper from Carters. Thinking of that moment still brings a lump to my throat. She was so small, and I wanted to protect her from the world. The K’tan helped me do that. It was like she was back in my tummy again as she snuggled against my chest.


20141215_150629 Carrying fragile little baby to the Polyclinic in the K’tan. She was only a few days old.

So far, I have tried two different ways of carrying Little Foot in it. It is our special piece, and comes with a lot of sleepy dust for her during her early days. I like that it is designed to be sort of a idiot proof version of a wrap and is poppable. I can take baby in and out easily, and there isn’t a lot of cloth to deal with while we’re out. I also like that the material is so soft and airy (I got the K’tan Breeze).

20150110_095711 20150110_095645 20150317_175634

I like how discreet and understated the K’tan is. At one glance, it looked like a normal blouse I would wear.

Soft-structured Carriers (my current craze)

We bought the Baby Bjorn One from Amazon during Black Friday sale also before I delivered. At my insistence, Long purchased it, and he is now an ardent fan of it. He calls it “his carrier”, which means he uses it exclusively while he tries very hard to reject my offers to wear the other carriers which I use. I used it twice, and my verdict it that it was designed for bigger and taller folks, hence the men love it. It carries too low for me and is too loose, even when tightened all the way. While this version of the Bjorn has ironed out the issue of the earlier version with narrow seat which babywearers and doctors claim can can cause hip dysplasia, this one continued to allow front-facing (again I hear growls from the babywearing police). Infants are not meant to front-face as it strains the baby’s spine which is in a C shape prior to them learning how to sit up, stand and walk, which they then start developing the S shape. I have no issue with Long using it, but I have warned him not to attempt to front-face our baby. Not yet. He can try it when she’s a toddler. Plus point of this carrier is the mesh material, which is lightweight and airy. It’s also relatively easy to wear and put baby in. Long especially loves the colour. Silver, which we decided to get instead of the boring black.


20150119_113129 One of the two times I wore the Bjorn One.

Somewhere in my stash is also an Ergobaby Original, which is a handmedown from my supermummy sister. Unfortunately, at 3 mth old, we have not been able to get into it successfully. Without an infant insert, which will be too much to bear for our sweaty baby, I tried the towel insert, which is a hack that YouTube taught. After two attempts, each with loud, angry crying from Little Foot, we gave up. So I have no verdict on the Ergo, but IMHO, I feel mummies should not try that towel hack. I noted the panel’s quite big, which means your baby could shift around in the carrier and there’s lack of support for the spine. Remember the baby’s spine is still very fragile, and I prefer zero risks when it comes to my only child. So I’m returning it without trying it.

With an emergency visit to Baby Slings and Carriers prior to our helper going on urgent home leave, I got the Boba 4G carrier and the Je’ porte Mon Bebe stretchy wrap.

At this stage, Little Foot was in her colicky stage and I needed something for my sanity while I cared for her alone (bearing in mind my bad back). I tried the Manduca and the Cat Bird Baby there, but Little Foot didn’t cry in the Boba 4G carrier so I got that. It came highly recommended by another Dec mummy, and she sure was right. This became the next sleepy dust carrier for Little Foot after the K’tan. I remember that one evening she refused to nap, refused to lay down, I put her into the carrier and we took a walk downstairs. We even sat on the swing at the nearby playground. I was an emotional wreck that evening with a baby who didn’t want to sleep… so there, me with baby in carrier and Long on the other swing, I managed to voice out my frustrations, my worries, and let off steam. And she slept soundly. It brought a lot of relief to me, and I loved how she would peep out from under the hood whenever I used it to shield her from the sun and the winds. I also like the neat little pocket at the waist band, that I could put an atm card and a few dollar notes in it. It was the carrier that I used that week of no help, so I could go get my lunch at the coffeeshop / market. And it was the only carrier which I could extract Little Foot without waking her up (upside-down turtle style).


Lotsa happy sleepy moments with the Boba 4G… I always felt it saved my sanity at the peak of the colic attacks.

20150221_191913 20150220_111813

20150324_090139 20150218_161539 (1)

As I was reading about Tulas and other more atas carriers than those you usually see at baby fairs and Mothercare, I chanced upon some forum thread mentioning the Kinderpack (KP) being the solution for those who wanted something even better than the Tula (in my mind I was like if the Tula was like the Prada of SSCs, then what would this be??). When I wanted to buy it I was stumped. Why is it not sold anywhere? It took weeks of reading after joining the Kinderpack Chatter and BST Facebook group, to learn quickly that the demand greatly outweighed the supply for good reason. There was so much rave reviews about it, the prints were so good looking, and Kindercarry only had four people sewing these. I was sucked into it. I had to get my hands on one. I tried getting one on stocking days (failed in four attempts so far, overslept for some of the stocking days). I PMed several sellers who listed FSOs or FSOTs without success, when those I wanted in the right size (infant/standard) were listed, they were either too expensive (going sometimes at more than double the retail value of $179USD), or they were gone in a flash. Finally I had some luck with one that was not sky-high price and in a print I loved. The lady in US got my PM within minutes of posting. And in the next hour, I had accepted her paypal invoice and paid for it. Then I waited and waited… just as I was about to resigned to the idea that Stinkpost or whoever was handling my priority first class airmail may have swallowed my beloved KP, my mailbox was stuffed with a fat parcel so full I had problems pulling it out of my letter box. It was love! Little Foot loved being carried in this, to the point she has since frowned on the Boba (her legs are currently too long to “squat” position in the Boba, but too short to dangle out comfortably for the M shape). And she looked so cute in it, we had a lot of “Aww…she so small…she so cute!” at Sentosa during our staycation. As many KP fans testified, it was the carrier I can carry her for hours without feeling like my back was numb or going to break into two. No shoulder aches either. The only downside is that there’s no pocket for money or cards. So I carried a small sling with it. Today, we still continue to use this when we go out… and I convinced Long to try it last week too. I’m so in love with the prints and the comfort that I’ve just landed another one in standard/standard of the bst page, just coz it’s in a print that I super love. Looking forward to seeing my mailbox stuffed again.

20150315_155516 20150306_162624 20150326_055016

I actually have a Tula (in cute rockets design!) that I bought on impulse. It happened the first time I failed to score a KP, and I was like, “Ok, Tula’s got that print, I’ll just get that. Take that Kindercarry!”. People don’t really think very straight at 2.30am especially after being chronically lack of sleep for a couple of months. It’s still hidden in my wardrobe. I will give a verdict on it when Little Foot becomes big enough to fit in it. It requires an infant insert for younger babies, and nope, not going to try that in this weather. The husband is going to choke when he sees it.

Woven Wraps

The Je’ porte Mon Bebe  Stretchy Wrap, was an accidental find. The salesguy at Baby Slings and Carriers offered to let me try it although I had already tried 3 SSCs, and it was so bouncy and comfy, and much easier to wrap then I expected. So I got it. Had some successful and some not-so-successful wrapping sessions with this one. That week of no help, I used it to carry her to KKH for her physio session. She hardly made a fuss and slept in it after the physio. I like that it was poppable. I could pull her out and put her back without retying. That was the occasion she slept while I had dinner with my mum and I dropped teriyaki sauce on her head (oops!). There were evenings that I tried wrapping her in it while she was fussing, and failed. One of the downsides of this wrap is the material. in order to hold the weight and stretch, it was thick, and hence little too hot for comfort. Everytime after use, both of us would have out tees soaked through. And it can only hold up to 14kg, so the lifespan would be shorter than woven wraps and most SSCs.

20150208_144816 20150208_150312 20150208_150943-1

After trying the stretchy wrap, I became more open to the idea of wrapping. The amount of beautiful (and some seriously expensive) woven wraps on Babywearing Singapore and it’s sister Swap and Library Facebook pages were constantly tempting me to try wrapping out. So I did.

In one week, I bought 3 woven wraps, all preloved in excellent condition from very friendly mamas on the SG Babywearing Swap & Library (enter at your own risk!).

  • Vatanai Unalaska Sz 4 – This attracted me with its whales and reminded me of the sun, sand and sea I loved so much and missed dearly.
  • Cloth of Kin ‘Happy’ Sz 5 – I read a little about handwoven wraps, awesome but exorbitant. So when this was posted at a good price, I jumped. This was the only cloth I bought in my base size (Size 5), and I used when I took a consultation session on wrapping with Nurjanna from Jars of Fluff (had a great consultation session with her, and learned Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) and Ring Slinging from her).
  • Didymos Indio Aurora Sz 4 – I fell in love with the colours of this cloth when I first saw it online. Took awhile stalking “for sale” posts before I finally got this one. I do wish it was a Size 5 though.

My one and only attempt to wrap Little Foot (this is the Cloth of Kin)

My take…

For the love of our babies, we babywear.

We want to have that skin-to-skin and a lot of contact with them. It helps them emotionally, it supposedly helps colicky babies too. My search for a carrier stemmed first from the desire and promise to be close to my Little Foot when she arrived in this world. Later on, it evolved into our quest for a way to soothe her and get her to sleep as she started having colic and reflux, and absolutely refused to be put down for long hours. My back was hurting, my arms were aching and babywearing was a solution for me.

When I tried carriers at the brick & mortar shops, if she wailed even after I had walked around for awhile, I put that carrier back. If she couldn’t settle down in it, it’s not suitable for us, even if it didn’t hurt my back, or even if it came with a hefty price tag. The only risk I took was the KP, and luckily that paid off.

As for wrapping, I am still in two minds about it. Lazy I am, and Little Foot has no patience most days. I don’t get much encouragement whenever I attempt to do FWCC. It just looked so troublesome to the people around me. We’ll probably give it a few more tries, but deep down, I’m quite happy to stick to the SSCs. It would saves me spending hundreds of dollars on cloths (which I still can’t quite accept).

Babywearing is really a very personal decision, and what suits you may not suit me, and vice versa. All that matters is having a happy and safe baby while providing some sanity to mummy and daddy. Of course, some, like Long will feel that having one carrier will do, but he’s the guy with only 1 pair of working shoes (and 1 spare for rainy days), while I’m the one with the floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall cabinet of shoes. I guess I’m prone to excesses when it comes to some things. This babywearing period won’t last forever, and I’m going to just enjoy every chance I get.

And yes, the husband is going to continue to accuse me of baby-hogging 😉

Afternote: I have another Kinderpack, one Kokadi Flip carrier, two more Tula carriers, one Lenny Lamb carrier and a Kokadi wrap enroute from various parts of the world to my mailbox. Now, which of my Ferragamo shoes to sell, or should I sell a bag or two, to fund this obsession?