Some days, I miss the old life

There are pockets of moments some days, where I reminisce about the days before Little Foot came into our lives, especially poignant are the little bits of times that I manage to grab a cider and sit in my balcony. Or just sit in my balcony.

I know many parents are afraid to voice the inner thoughts when they miss the good old times when your designer house looked worthy of a magazine shoot, when there were no invasion of playmat,  high chair, walkers, cardboard books and baby toys everywhere. When you didn’t have a little person who demands to be with you everywhere, even in the bathroom. When sleep is disturbed. When you badly need to pee, but your dearest daughter demands to finish her exploring at the playground, when all you want I’d to sit down and eat, but baby just pooped or needs to be fed. The list goes on.

I think it is ok to admit it. We are humans afterall, and my 16 month old with her boundless energy, and feisty temperament can sometimes make us feel just a tad too exhausted.


I’m hiding in my balcony as I write…

Yet, if asked, do I want that life back?  my answer is “No”….not even at my most tired moments, not even when she’s testing my patience to the max.  Life without Little Foot would lack flavour, excitement. It would lack meaning.

So yes, it’s ok to say, let me take a break with my beers in the balcony for awhile”, and recharge.

After that,  we are back to being plastered together… loving the clingy moments.


Love needs absence sometimes.  Just don’t take too long 🙂


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