Oh, the lovely smell of her sweaty head!

Sounds funny. How can sweaty heads be lovely?

Yes it is… it is the smell of victory, the smell that brings relief, the smell that says “we’re gonna be alright”.

Because it means the fever monster is at bay.

Little Foot has been battling fever since Sunday night, coupled with a slight cough that had made her throw up twice on Sunday.


All puffy from her fever from the first day


Groggy on Day 2….fever went over 39 degree Celsius


Spotting a double eyelid on Day 3, side effects of the fever, but fever broke before dawn

Not going to celebrate too soon since today she still had 2 doses of paracetamol to bring the fever down when it spiked suddenly, but definitely,  my heart was warmed to smell her sweaty head tonight while she slept, and to see the big patch of sweat on the bedsheets.

Fight on, baby! Get well soon!

Our battle tools against fever:

♢Medicine – Paracetamol, Neurofen (only when fever goes too high)
Koolfever soft cooling gel pillow which we would try to make Little Foot rest her head on (from Watsons/Guardian)
Koolfever forehead sticker.used to be more effective when she was younger. This time round we had to see her mood. She tended to yank it off her forehead.
Cooling towel to keep her neck and back of the head cool ( once upon a time, we wanted to buy Frog Toggs, but a mis-marketing by Lazada saw us end up with a pile of the no brand cooling towels. Eventually Lazada refunded us for some, but we stuck to some of the purchases. Turns out to be extremely useful. Easily found on Taobao)
Sponging with water and face towel. This still had to be done. Just remember not to do it in an air – conditioned room!
Holey Rompers, basically keep the clothing light and airy. Ours are from Uniqlo.
Baby Apple Juices for hydration when baby rejects water and milk (Little Foot drinks Earth Best and Pigeon brand)
Barley water. The home-boiled drink (little or no sugar) can help bring the temperature down and keep LO hydrated.
Essential Oils (Peppermint and Thieves, we use Young Living Oil). I rubbed peppermint on her soles at night and we diffused thieves and peppermint in the room at night.
Breast Milk, thankfully we haven’t stopped yet. So I was able to keep her hydrated when she refused milk bottles and water.
Baby Carrier. Being sick meant baby was extra clingy. We used our Tula and Kinderpack to save our arms and get her to nap peacefully.
Vitamins. For us…we can’t afford to fall sick!

Besides these,  we fed her porridge and mee sua, but she had so little appetite it was worrying. So I also got bread and sponge cakes (including pandan cake) from confectioneries… my foodie baby managed to wallop down 1 slice of the cake today, once she got her taste buds back, she managed to eat rice and soup!

I hope this list helps parents who are new to fighting persistent/viral fevers.

Thought I’d share the collective wisdom of our few experience with fevers and the advice I have gotten from my mummies support group over time.


My little warriorette


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