A note on that darn Zika

I read with great worry about the news of the cases of Zika found in SG, and this latest news of a mummy-to-be testing positive for the virus is like a mummy’s worst nightmare come true.

To the mummy-to-be, I can only imagine how much the news must have come as an earth shattering one. The uncertainty, and the agonising wait ahead is going to be a tough one. We are praying for you and your baby. Hopefully all the mummies-to-be will stay safe too.

In the meantime, I hope that the news people will leave the family alone. It is already very stressful for the lady and her family, please do allow them the space to sort out their thoughts and think of their next steps. Don’t try to find her, and definitely please don’t you go camp outside the hospital when it is time for her to deliver her baby. Let the family have their privacy.

My mummy friends having been sharing photos of empty shelves in Watsons’ and Guardian pharmacies..  all the insect repellents have been wiped out. That’s not surprising, considering how it was like during the 2013 Haze, where even Amazon’s stocks of N95 masks were wiped out by us.
To those who are panic-buying insect repellents, think of the pregnant women who need it more than you. It is human to want to buy all for your family. It would be humane to leave some behind on the shelves for those who need a bottle too.  Hopefully the ugly horns of kiasu-ness will not rear among us. We neee to take care of one another, and help to prevent the breeding of the damn mosquitoes.

And a note on fear-mongering…

The symptoms of Zika is very much like Dengue… and in fact any viral infection. I was a little horrified to hear a mummy friend tell us in a chatgroup  how the childcare had called to tell her that her child may have Zika, and asked her to bring the toddler to the doctor.

While we want to practice vigilance, choice of words is critical. How can a school staff be so irresponsible as to jump to the conclusion that the kid has Zika and articulate that to the parent over the phone? Oh… a mozzie bite… that makes about almost all of us then. Little Foot is still recovering from a spate of insect attack and has 5 bite scars on her legs. Should I be running with her to KKH now? Obviously not.. since she’s all fine and dandy and not showing other symptoms. That staff obviously just made the parent panic there. Unnecessarily. How about you just say the child is unwell (what symptoms other than the Mozzie bite), and ask that the child get checked, just to make sure it’s not Dengue or Zika? C’mon… most parents will be headed to the PD anyway once our child is under the weather. Why the need to anyhow “name drop” Zika for dramatic effect? Not funny ok? Let the doctors make the diagnosis.

How we deal with such situations as a nation, really shows what Singaporeans are truly made of. Hopefully we will arm ourselves with the right information, practice civility, don’t waste time fingerpointing, doomsday-prepping. Instead, and spend time helping each other out or clearing the potential mosquito breeding spots in our homes. If your friend really needs help getting the repellents, grab one for her if you see it available in shops.

Here’s more facts  on the virus from The Straits Times.

Mummies-to-be out there, take care and stay safe.


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