Another one for the memory vault – A Frozen Sticker 

This morning I was walking in my office building and suddenly felt like there was this odd feeling on my sole… thinking to myself “what in the world got into my shoe??”
When I took off my shoes I saw this sticker (from the Frozen Sticker book that Little Foot received from a classmate’s birthday goodie bag) there on my sole.

There I stood in the canteen. Staring at my sole.

I wanted to LOL at the sight of the sticker there.

One day years later, I  want to look back at all these seemingly mundane yet hilarious situations and feel a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart.

A baby leaves all sorts of footprints in our lives… and they have all these innocent ways of invading our thoughts, making us think of them and miss them. They have a way of making us pause in our path and smile. Smile at an action, a memory, even a sticker.

I’m looking forward to more of these little surprises… just hope the next one won’t be something messy like tomato sauce!

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