A Mother’s Perspective – Mothers’ Day, A Day of Gratitude 

Saturday Morning. Tomorrow is Mothers’ Day.

I walked past a confectionary and saw the long queue. Among them are harried men holding little kids’ hands. I know they must be thinking, “better do something else sure kena!” 

I smiled to myself…. Papa Long did this last year too when he strapped Little Foot to him and secretly went to print photos to make a last minute card. 

Sitting down with my breakfast, I wonder – Has Mothers’ Day become as commercialised like Valentine’s Day? Perhaps, could every day be a special day to show love to your mum? 

This will be my 3rd Mothers’ Day with Little Foot, and Monday will be the first time I take part in the school Mothers’ Day activity with her. 

At this point, I felt that one word describes what I think this day is about. 


Not just me, as a daughter grateful to my Mother, but me being grateful as well that I am and still am a Mother. 

Over the week, we read about the conclusion of a young mother who felt too overwhelmed with the role and life, that she lept to her death clutching her 2-month-old baby with her. 

Yesterday we read about the sentencing of the Taiwanese murderer who had decapitated a 4-year-old girl in front of her mother. 

Some mothers bury their child…

Some mothers are battling illnesses to stay alive for their child…

Some mothers are raising funds and doing everything they can to keep their ailing child alive…

Some ladies are waiting and trying and still waiting for the day they can hold a child in their arms and say “I am a mother”…

And some children do not have a mother to buy flowers for or cut a cake with. 

And hence Gratitude. 

Because I am have my Little Foot, getting bugged incessantly by her, sharing food with her, able to hold her in my arms. By God’s grace. 

A little gesture from her to me, from me to my mum simply acknowledges this. 

Nothing fancy needed. In fact, just some time out to recharge will be the most appropriate for mothers like me… but end of the day, let me hold her to sleep, let me say, 

Thank you Little Foot, for being my daughter and choosing me as your mother. 

Love as always, 

Mummy Joyc

P.S. Thanks, Papa Long for attending classes with Little Foot today so I can actually eat and drink leisurely and write this post. 


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