Hey baby kick kick!

Today Our Little Foot was so still in the morning, for awhile I panicked, wondering if something’s wrong. I had to prod prod her a little, just to make sure she’s still well and dandy. Luckily, our little one finally gave a stretch. Mummy gave a big “phew!” … haha, really think too much.

Good to hear her hiccup today and everyday these days. It reassures me a lot.

Yesterday was Deepavali. We went to meet Confinement Nanny (Ah Noi). She’s nice…let’s hope we get along well together, especially since she’s pro-breastfeeding (just that she said it would be more sane to pump out the milk for night feeds, rather than to wake up and feed. She’s open to letting me try breastfeeding at night. So that’s good (let’s hope we get some good milk supply!).

We also went Ikea and FINALLY bought the nice retro-looking trolley to put Little Foot’s barang barang. I’m so delighted, I already loaded some of the sundries like cotton balls, cotton buds, diaper cream, the swaddles and towels, etc onto it. Seriously turning into Kiasu mummy!

Ikea Trolley
Counting down about 8 weeks to go and working hard to stay positive. It’s getting challenging. I could cry for no reason, or just over something silly. Blaming it on the hormones and the bland diet for gestational diabetes. Of course, since there’s no turning back and no “I wanna back out now”, just have to hang in there.

A little prayer tonight – Dear God, in your strong hands, I place my life and baby’s and we will learn to trust that you have a plan and a reason for everything. Even in bad times, I will not begrudge You, but learn to carry my cross with grace and willingness. Amen.


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