“Love is unconditional”.

In my youth,  I hear this A LOT from people around me. Movies and drama tout this… youngsters in puppy love want to find someone who love unconditionally.

I tell you, that “unconditional” state can only be achieved in a parent-child situation.

Think.  Would you put your nose to your  boyfriend’s ass to check if he took a crap? Would you wake up 10 times a night because your boyfriend is hungry/feeling cranky/need to go to the loo?

Motherhood makes me tired like a zombie, yet unable to sleep sometimes because I’m afraid she might wander off the bed if I KO. Motherhood makes me ready to take the hit if we should both fall and doing my best to prevent that fall from even happening in the first place… in essence, motherhood shifted my priority from me to her.

So to all the young girls out there…. (I was there once, a long time ago). Someone already loves you unconditionally. it’s the one who changed your diapers, fed you, protected you when you were a helpless little one. And with that confidence,  go ride a rainbow, chase your dreams, soar like an eagle. That’s when you will attract a partner who wants to take up the challenge of loving you more than your parents can.


Little Foot with Papa Long on Sunday.

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