I hope you forget tonight

Dear Little Foot,

I hope you forget tonight,  a night where you cried big tears as you resisted sleep. A night where you refused to latch, and tried to struggle out of the carrier. A night when Mummy said hurtful things to you in desperate exasperation as nothing worked and you just kept crying and throwing a tantrum.

Every day with you should be a blessing, even on such days. Yet there are times when I can’t help but ask God why he took my health away from me. In exchange I got you ….and loss of sleep … and loss of freedom and my old life.

Forgive me for the harsh words that spewed out. I don’t love you lesser on these days. It’s just Mummy is bring a brat and still adapting to our life. And next week, we both will have to adapt again as my work comes back into the equation.

Good night my baby…. please don’t resist sleep too often.  I’m sorry that I fail you on days like this.

I love you.

Your still P-plate Mummy


After a night’s rest, and some reflection, we seem to have put last night behind us…. In this whole trying situation, Daddy also got a tongue lashing from me. I guess it’s every mummy’s dilemma –  I need help, yet don’t know where I need the help, so we leave the daddy helpless and waiting to be scolded. 

There are bad nights, there are good. One article popped up on my Facebook feed – don’t let your child’s behaviour drive you crazy. Look beyond the behaviour and ask yourself what your child needs in a situation. My knee-jerk tantrums together with her crankiness really didn’t help the situation.

Sighh… motherhood, there is still so much to learn. Next time, I will try to be much better. 


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